CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

Conversations LIVE on WYAD 94.1 FM in Yazoo City, Mississippi!

Conversations LIVE on WYAD 94.1 FM in Yazoo City, Mississippi!
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Conversations LIVE is on 106 Live Radio

Conversations LIVE is on 106 Live Radio
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why My Team Monitor Can Help Employers & Employees Stay On Task

For some people they do their best work when they are left alone to do their jobs without much supervisions. Others need something more, and having someone looking over their shoulders is the only way they are to be trusted to do what they were hired to do. The sad truth is that some businesses however have found that their employees are lax on the job or not following through as they should. Still others might have concerns about theft and inappropriate activities while the employee is on duty. It is because of this that My Team Monitor is such an asset.

What is My Team Monitor? It is a Employee Monitoring Software that allows for employers to see what is going on while they are not there. It is easy to set up, and affordable for any business, and allows for the peace of mind that many want when they can't be physically in the workplace.

Some might see Employee Monitoring Software as intrusive, but think of this: If it was your establishment, wouldn't you want to make sure that things were running as they should? That is also what employees should be considering whether there is employee monitoring software or not.

In short My Team Monitor is definitely worth a look. The website has great demonstrations that anyone can view, as well as provides more details about the Employee Monitoring Software service and who it might best benefit.

To all those employees out there, this should be a great reminder that just when you think no one is watching, that is when you really need to make sure you are giving your very best.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Conversations LIVE Radio Celebrates Its 300th Guest of 2012, 3000th Guest Since Show Began

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce two milestones for Conversations LIVE radio show. Host Cyrus Webb interviewed his 300th guest of 2012 on Monday, April 30th: Platinum-selling recording artist/American Idol winner Taylor Hicks!  (Listen to the show by clicking here.)

Just days later he welcomed his 3000th guest since the show began: award-winning author Tiona Brown. (Listen to the interview by clicking here.)

"It's amazing to see how the show has grown over the years," says Webb, 36. He began hosting Conversations LIVE in July 2003 first on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS. Since then the show has been shared with a variety of affiliates, including and

Each month over 100k listeners tune in for discussions with news makers, entertainers, politicians and individuals who have a story to share. Webb believes this is what has made the show a cut above others on talk radio. "I don't just have people on for ratings," he says. "If I am going to talk with someone I want to make sure they actually have something to say."

To find out more about Conversations LIVE visit For more information about how to be a guest or featured on the show contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Conversations Media Group Announces Spring Book Giveaway

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce its Spring Book Giveaway to promote reading and to introduce authors that may have been under the radar. Started by Conversations Book Club founder Cyrus Webb in 2007, he sees this as a way of not only sharing the gift of a great book, but to network with other book lovers.

Here are the books that have been made available for this year's Spring Book Giveaway:

1.     "Darling Nikki" by E. V. Adams (autographed)
2.     "A Dark Journey To A Light Future" by Tommie Mabry (autographed)
3.     "Chicken Soup For The Soul: Family Caregivers"
4.     "Chicken Soup For The Soul: Magic of Mothers & Daughters"
5.     "The Immune" by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer (autographed)
6.     "The Fox" by Arlene Radasky (autographed)
7.     "The Basement" by Stephen Leather (autographed)

To participate in the book giveaway simply follow the steps below.

1.     Join Cyrus Webb's Facebook page at (If you have already joined the page, simply move on to step number 2.)
2.     After joining Webb on his Facebook page, message him from the Facebook page announcing the THREE NUMBERS of the books you would like to have if you win.
3.     That's it! After completing steps 1 and 2, just wait until Wednesday, May 16th when Webb will announce every weekday through May 31st who the winners are.

Deadline for getting your "entries" in for this great giveaway is Tues. May 15th by 8p.m. et. Winners will be announced on Conversations LIVE radio show each weekday @ 6p.m. et (5p.m. ct/ 3p.m. pt) beginning Wednesday, May 16, 2012. You don't have to be listening to the live broadcast to win!

Have questions about the giveaway or are you an author who would like to participate in the Summer Book Giveaway? Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616. CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Conversations LIVE Joins DC Now Radio Family

Conversations Media Group is pleased to announce that Conversations LIVE radio show has entered an exclusive relationship with Washington D. C.-based radio station DC Now Radio, becoming their premier entertainment talk show.

"It's great to see the hard work and professionalism we try to bring to the airwaves reap these rewards," says Cyrus Webb, creator and host of Conversations LIVE. The radio show debuted on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS in July 2003 and has since become of the popular places for individuals of all walks of life to come and share their stories with the world and showcase what is possible. Webb was approached by DC Now Radio station president Anthony Tilghman about the partnership in late April 2012 and jumped at the opportunity to reach a new audience.

Tilghman, who is also a sought-after celebrity photographer has been on Conversations LIVE several times, and he knew when he began DC Now Radio that he wanted to bring the show to his audience. "I believe in the work that Cyrus is doing with Conversations LIVE," Tilghman explains. "It's obvious that he takes what he does seriously, and that is exactly what I wanted for DC Now."

The first show from Conversations LIVE to debut on DC Now Radio was with American Idol winner and platinum-selling recording artist Taylor Hicks. The response was overwhelming. Since then guests like actors Charley Koontz, Abby Miller and recording artists like Karyn White, David M and Angela Spivey have been on the station, and Webb says this is just the beginning. "I see this new partnership as a way for Conversations LIVE to really grow and raise the bar for talk radio," he explains. "The best is yet to come."

Conversations LIVE can be heard on Tuesday through Friday at for the hour and at 7:30p.m. et.  Stay abreast of everything with the station by liking the Facebook fan page at and follow it on Twitter by visiting

For more information about Conversations LIVE contact Cyrus Webb at or call 601.896.5616. You can also visit