CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

Conversations LIVE on WYAD 94.1 FM in Yazoo City, Mississippi!

Conversations LIVE on WYAD 94.1 FM in Yazoo City, Mississippi!
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Conversations LIVE is on 106 Live Radio

Conversations LIVE is on 106 Live Radio
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conversations LIVE Celebrates Fashion With "Gifted By Design"

For almost a decade Shadow Play Entertainment and its subsidiaries Conversations LIVE and Conversations Magazine have celebrated the power and the influence of not just fashion but those who create it.

In a special two-part event beginning Thursday, October 27, 2011, Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb will talk with designers from all over the country that are living their dreams, finding success and helping others along the way. Called "Gifted By Design" here is the line-up:

Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 8p.m. et (7p.m. ct/5p.m. pt)--- Listeners can join us live here:
Latifa & Moriamo Johnson
Liz Fields
Jeannine Benoit
Carolina Mejia
Niiamar Felder
Linda Gail

Friday, October 28, 2011 @ 8p.m. et (7p.m. ct/5p.m. pt)--- Listeners can join us live at
Myrda Monasterial
Jessica McMahon
Takishma Faison
Vladmir Bercy & Dennie Buchanan of the D. Buchanan Collection

Any lover of fashion or the industry will want to join us for this special event. Can't listen to the show live? Feel free to visit the links above to catch the podcasts!

Interested in sharing your story with Cyrus Webb and Conversations LIVE? Contact him at or 601.896.5616.

CONVERSATIONS: Feeding Your Love Of Life!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Conversations LIVE Shares Answer To 'Should Love Ever Hurt?'

Thanks to the over 3k who tuned in live or by podcast to Conversations LIVE's discussion SHOULD LOVE EVER HURT? on Saturday, October 15, 2011. Host Cyrus Webb was joined by survivors Freda Emmons, Dr. Loren Due and Patrick Dati as they shared their very personal stories of abuse, and how they have been able to move forward and are now in a position to help others along the way.

In the discussion Webb focused on the following three points when it comes from making the transition from being a victim to a victor and survivor:

1) Speaking out. Not allowing the abuser to have to power over you by causing your silence.
2) Forgiveness. Even if it is something that seems to come slowly towards the abuser, making sure that you have forgiven yourself and refuse to blame yourself for what was done.
3) Knowing that you are not alone. Making sure that you take advantage of the support group available to you all around the world. This will also let others know that they are not by themselves and may aide in their speaking out as well.

Missed the conversation? Listen to the podcast here:

Interested in telling your own story on Conversations LIVE? Contact Cyrus Webb at or at 601.896.5616. CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cyrus Webb Announces New Milestone For Conversations LIVE

(Friday, October 14, 2011) Arts and entertainment organization Shadow Play Entertainment is pleased to announce that for the first time in the eight years since it launched the radio program Conversations LIVE that it will reach a record of 500 guests in 2011.

"This is monumental not just because of the numbers,"says Cyrus Webb, President of Shadow Play Entertainment and host of the radio program. "For me the real story is the variety of conversations we have had on the show this year and since 2003." The roster of those who have spoke with Webb ranges from award-winning recording artists, actors and actresses, authors, reality stars, fashion designers and individuals from everyday walks of life that have a story to tell.

The first four years that the show was on the air (2003-2007), Webb interviewed 244 guests. In 2008, as the word about the show began to spread, his total guests for that year was 172. In 2009 it went up to 265 guests. In a dramatic increase, however, Webb interviewed a total of 476 guests in 2010, bringing his total to date to over 1600 since he first went on the air on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS. Webb credits not just the support of Blogtalkradio in his success, but that of the guests as well.

"People come on the show and tell me things they may never have shared with anyone else," says Webb. His commitment to giving a professional conversation with each show has landed him relationships with top publishing houses, publicists and television networks, all of whom applaud his interviewing style and dedication.

In the beginning of 2011 Webb knew that it was going to be a historic year for his brand and for the show. He had booked the first three months of the year before 2010 was even over! In October 2011 he has committed airtime to not just cancer survivors but also survivors of abuse as well. Over 70 guests have been booked for the month, each of whom Webb feels has a story that deserves to be heard and will help others. As of Thursday, October 13, 2011 459 guests had appeared on Conversations LIVE this year.

For Webb, however, the goal of the show remains the same. "I am going to keep challenging myself and making sure that we are giving a voice to those who have something to say," he says. "The world needs to know that in the middle of all the negatively and challenges there are people out there who are saying 'It is going to be okay'. That's what I want to do: let people know that whatever they are going through, whatever they are wanting to achieve, they are not alone.

To keep up-to-date on what is going on with Cyrus Webb and Conversations LIVE bookmark and Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

(Sat. Oct. 15, 2011) Cyrus Webb Presents "Should Love Ever Hurt?"

Abuse comes in many forms, and Shadow Play Entertainment is committed to bringing attention to its hurtful effects and how individuals just like you are coming out of painful situations as survivors and thriving in life. The lesson? You are not alone.

On Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 4p.m. et (3p.m. ct/2p.m. mt/1p.m. pt) Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb will moderate a 30 minute conversations called "Should Love Ever Hurt?" Joining Webb will be abuse survivors Tameka "L. A. Say" Anderson, Dr. Loren Due, Patrick Dati and Freda Emmons.

Listen to the show live at .

To listen to past specials visit Interested in sharing your own story? Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Others Are Saying About The Conversations Brand

Since 2003, Cyrus Webb has been a driving force in the way things are talked about and discussed. As the Creator and Host of Conversations LIVE! Radio and the President of Conversations Book Club, Webb has talked to some of the biggest names in the world as well as emerging voices that are making their mark. At the end of the day, however, he realizes that his success is really because of those who talk with him and those who listen. Here is some of what is being said about the Conversations Brand...

"The service you do for authors and readers is remarkable. We appreciate you." --- John Saul, New York Times Bestselling author of FACES OF FEAR

"Cyrus is incredible. I was in awe of his talents." --- Dale Garland, author of LETTERS FROM SWEETWATER

"I still don't see how you do what you do! You're an excellent interviewer..." Shirlita McFarland, author of Sunday Morning Secrets

"You absolutely ask the best...most thought provoking questions...keep up the excellent work on your show!!!" --- Ish Major, M. D., author of LITTLE WHITE WHYS

"I just had to write to tell you what a pleasure it was speaking with you yesterday. Your questions about The Language of Secrets and its impact on readers were was an honor to be interviewed by you! With thanks and all best wishes for your continued success." --- Dianne Dixon, author of THE LANGUAGE OF SECRETS

"Thank you for the interview – it was terrific, and we appreciate being a part of your program. And thanks for the attention you put on books, the arts, and the creative process – you are doing wonderful things!" ---Joel Fotinos, author of THE PRAYER CHEST and the Vice President at Penguin Group and the founder/publisher of the Putnam Praise imprint.

"I am quite inspired by what you are doing through your broadcasting effort... You are truly seeking to help others find the best in themselves. Thank you for your positive influence in a world that needs it." --- Kip Kreiling, author of THE IMPOSTER

"The interview with Kathy Kinney (AKA Mrs. P) was great. It is nice that we have been able to create this new and inspiring character for her. She use to be 'Mimi' on the Drew Carey Show which was a very different character from Mrs. P. Your show is wonderful. I am going to become a regular listener. You have a great gift for interviewing." Dana Plautz, Mrs P Enterprises, LLC

"As a radio listener, I seldom hear a host ask as many good questions as you did. I was deeply gratified that you enjoyed our book and very appreciative of the opportunity to share it with an audience of fellow southerners." --- Author Barton Cockey

"You were very well prepared, set a great tone, and went way beyond the call of duty in the promotion department--a real pro. I will sing your praises whenever I get the chance." --- K. D. Koratsky, author of LIVING WITH EVOLUTION OR DYING WITHOUT IT

"Thank you for the opportunity to be on your program. You are a scholar and a gentleman, (a vanishing entity) and provide a great service. Having been doing this for a few months now, interviewers fall two categories. The entertainers, and the educators. You are an educator, and that is a complement." --- Danielle Milano,M.D, author of SKINNY IS OVERRATED

"[Yours] was the most reflective interview I've had yet and it made me recall a little of things that I've done that were beneficial to the people I knew. Maybe I do have some good karma points stored up in the cosmic bank somewhere. I appreciate you picking up on the larger themes in the book." Jake Adelstein, author of TOKYO VICE

"You made it so easy for me to talk, and you ask great questions!" --- Michele Howe, author of BURDENS DO A BODY GOOD

"You are such a great host. Your voice is so powerful over the radio. Continue to share your talents and knowlege so others may be encouraged." --- Valerie Dodson, author of DON'T DELAY YOUR INCREASE

"Words are not adequate enough to extend a debt of gratitude to you for all you have done for me. A pen would run out of ink before I could write or say thank you over and over again. You have brought the book back to life or I could even say you have given it life. I have never been this motiviated to ger rhis moving until now. Thanks for working with me."--- Joseph Henderson, author of I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALL ALONE

Cyrus,I just wanted to touch bases with you and offer a heartfelt thank you. It was great to meet the new authors and become reacquainted with familiar faces. You provide a wonderful avenue by which people can be motivated to read. As an educator, I applaud your work. As a writer, I offer much love and appreciation. I love the invitation to join the addiction -- get hooked on books. Keep up the good work.
--- V. L. Green, author of REFLECTIONS and WHEN DESTINIES MEET

"Your review (of ABRAMO'S GIFT) was unique in that you distilled a life lesson from the story, something that no reviewer has done. You focused upon some essence from the characters that, frankly, I had never thought about consciously, but I'm very gratified that you saw it. By the way, yours is the mark of a fine writer/reviewer. I wish that they were all as perceptive as you are. Where I come from, when someone does something as well as you, and when a young person shows the potential that you do, we say he's doing 'the Lord's work.' I have listened to our interview several times now, and have also shared it with some family and friends. And each time I hear it, I marvel at your mastery of interviewing technique. It is certainly something that is a talent, because I’ve seen many veterans of broadcasting not able to accomplish what you do so naturally and easily. Part of the success you have comes from your gentlemanly behavior that puts interviewees at ease. So thanks again for your kind treatment. I wish you all the best in whatever you do in your career, be it hosting of a book club, interviewing on national TV, writing books yourself, or some dream you hold in your secret heart." --- Don Greco, author of ABRAMO'S GIFT

"What a gentle and lovely, thoughtful host you are. And you threaded through the questions in the most amazing way..." Liz Rosenberg, author of HOME REPAIR

"It was such a pleasure talking with you, such a pleasure being presented with such thoughtful questions. That doesn't happen terribly often and I was sorry when it drew to a close." --- Philip Shepherd, author of NEW SELF NEW WORLD

"You are by far the most prepared host I have interviewed with." --- Kirk Wilkinson, author of THE HAPPINESS FACTOR

"Thanks Cyrus for using your influence to better the lives of others." --- Patricia Singleton, blogger

"Cyrus Webb is the most incredible person I've ever done an interview with! He understood my topic completely, and asked very insightful and perceptive questions!" --- Dan L. Hays, author of FREEDOM'S JUST ANOTHER WORD

"It is really refreshing to encounter an interviewer with his
intelligence, insights and who has actually read the book. I knew
nothing of him before this interview but I am completely impressed and
will keep an eye out for his undoubted career progress." --- Frederick LaCroix, author of THE SKY RAINED HEROES

"Being self-published. credibility means everything. Having me on your show and supporting me as you have is all part of that." --- Gary D. Kaschak, author of LIFESTONE

"Thank you from the "Bottom Of My Heart" for taking time out of your busy schedule to write the most inspirational "Review" for "The Bridge" on, and thank you once again for enabling me to share our "Miracle". May God continue to Bless you Cyrus and the work that you are doing on His behalf." --- Jackie Carpenter, author of "The Bridge"

" Since our first interview, I've been following on your website all that you are doing for literacy to the point that I have been inspired to put in my little grain of rice towards literacy as well." --- Susan Violante, author of INNOCENT WAR

"Congratulations on your growing success! You certainly deserve it." --- Nesta Aharoni, author of MY GOODNESS: MY KIDS

"Cyrus is an inspirational hardworker who believes in the importance of literacy awareness. I was able to be one of Cyrus's coordinators for his National Day of Reading campaign in November 2009. It was a great experience and I am happy to be on board again for 2010. Cyrus uses his platform as an advocate and radio host to spread positive messages and to make a difference. I would suggest him to anyone serious about making a change through in the field of literacy development." --- Tara Michener, author of WHO I AM NOT WHAT I AM

"It’s a pleasure to work with a professional who’s nicely prepared, with thoughtful questions and a great personality." --- David Kelly, author of BABE RUTH AND THE BASEBALL CURSE

"There is something so amazing about standing on the edge of your dreams coming true. It's awe-inspiring, it's overwhelming and humbling. I want to thank you so much for taking part in my dream. I've listened to your other interviews and I think you are a special man." --- Kim Vazquez, author of LIVING IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR

"Thank you soooo much for allowing me to come on your show! It was an awesome
experience. I said I was nervous at first but you made me feel at ease. I can tell you got something from the book and read! I really hope that you were touched by it! Thanks for bringing out the part Mark 8:36!! Very impressive interview! May God Bless You and all your efforts!!" --- Cheryl Joyner Clark, author of NO MORE SUNDAY MORNINGS

"I have and will continue to sing your praises to all of my literary colleagues. Your book club is a model for others to emulate."
--- Reshonda Tate Billingsley, author of MY BROTHER'S KEEPER & EVERYBODY SAY AMEN.

"You were an excellent host. I'm more accustomed to interviewing than being interviewed but I did enjoy it. You're a very articulate and thorough interviewer..." Constantine Markides, host of Fourth Fiction

"You are an impressive young man. I am passing my baton to you, now. I know you'll carry it fast into the second decade of the 21st century. 'Webb's WEBISODES!' 'Do the WRITE Thang!' Man, I love it! SUPER CYRUS WEBB is a YOUNG CAPED CRUSADER who has absolutely blown this OLD caped crusader's MIND!" Dr. John Telford, author of A LIFE ON THE RUN

"You're always so cool, calm, collected and prepared..." Gail Kearns, To Press & Beyond

"You are a phenomenal host and I know you have a very promising future." --- Lessy'B, author of Sara's Song

"Thanks for the interview and review... You are a pro and not only did I enjoy the experience, I was very impressed at the effort you put into reading and understanding my stories. As you well, know, that is the salve that soothes the writer's worries! You earned a big fan today...I'll pass the word
far and wide! All the best." --- Gerry Boylan, author of GETTING THERE and GERRY TALES

"Cyrus, you are on the fast track to success!" --- Deborah Gary, author of TEENAGE MOTHER'S GUIDE TO SURVIVAL

"Enjoyed very much the questions you asked, which were quite thought-provoking and very different from the usual stuff that I get asked in interviews." --- Bestselling author William Kent Krueger

"Cyrus, I don't know how many ways I can say, "Thank you!" But, consider yourself thanked in every way that is possible. In addition to this interview which you presented so well the live interview I had with you,and your bookclub tonight was nothing short of amazing. The depths, and insights of tonight's conversation were just much more than I could have hoped or asked for. I ask a special blessing for you."
--- Evie Rhodes, author of OUT A ORDER & THE FORGOTTEN SPIRIT

"Hello Cyrus, I loved doing the interview and thoroughly enjoyed talking with you.
You're a wonderful host and the interview is only as good as the host who is directing it." --- Carrie J. Keaton, author of TWO LOVES, ONE HEART

"Real talk, Cyrus has the best author blog talk radio show out there." --- Rahman Muhammad, founder of Book Bullies

"I want to thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to appear on your show. It was an honor to be part of Conversations Live, a show that consistently offers listeners meaningful content. You provide encouragement, contemplation and inspiration to your audiences. For me, your questions and the opportunity have allowed me to improve and grow. Thank you!" Cesca Janece Waterfield, author of BARTUB

"You're an awesome radio host." --- Ursula Hanks, author of IN MY HEART

"Cyrus, I want to thank you once again for featuring me on your radio show. I really enjoyed it. I do not take that moment lightly. I count it a privledge and an honor to be chosen in that capacity. You are making an awesome impact in many lives with your great works. It is my prayer that God richly bless you in all you are doing to bring about change and make a difference in this world." --- Charmaine Tucker, author of WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN

"First of all let me start out by saying how grateful I am for all that you and Conversations Book Club has done for me as a writer. You guys are the best!" --- C. J. Domino, author of SIDELINE HO

Saturday, October 1, 2011

(October 2011) This Month on Conversations LIVE Radio

(October 1, 2011) Tens of thousands of you tuned in to the online edition of Conversations LIVE during the month of September, making it one of the show's most success of 2011. During the month of October host Cyrus Webb will welcome over 60 guests to the show, each with a journey to share that will hopefully inspire, edu-tain (educate/entertain) and make you look at yourself and your abilities a little differently.

Aside from its regular guests Conversations LIVE will also be using the month as a way of bringing attention to the issues of breast cancer awareness and domestic violence. Below is the schedule for the month. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be yet another month of milestones, amazing guests and incredible conversations...

INSPIRATIONAL CONVERSATIONS (Sundays @ 10:30a.m. est/9:30a.m. ct/7:30a.m. pt) --- Streaming live at
* Oct. 2 --- guest Michael Prager of
* Oct. 9 --- Sima Ash of
* Oct. 16 --- Author Sharon Lechter and Bonnie Matthews
* Oct. 23 --- Author Nicole Plain
* Oct. 30 --- Author Patricia Dixon

MIDDAY CONVERSATIONS --- Streaming live at
* Mon. Oct. 3rd @ 6:30p.m. et --- Author Adora Bennett
* Tues. Oct. 4th @ 1p.m. et --- Author Kevin Finley and Ron Roecker
* Wed. Oct. 5th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Author James Wesley, Rawles
* Thurs. Oct. 6th @ 1p.m. et --- Authors Steve Olsher and Jeff Gitterman
* Mon. Oct. 10th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Author Suzanne Woods Fisher
* Tues. Oct. 11th @ 1p.m. et --- Author Joshua Levitt
* Wed. Oct. 12th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Author Robert Frank
* Thurs. Oct. 13th @ 1p.m. est --- Author Troy Parfitt and Faina Sechzer
* Fri. Oct. 14th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Author Gerri Helms
* Mon. Oct. 17th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Sandra LaMorgese and Andia Winslow
* Tues. Oct. 18th @ 1p.m. et --- Author Jane Congdon
* Thurs. Oct. 20th @ 1p.m. et --- Dr. Karen Sherman
* Mon. Oct. 24th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Nancy Alvarez
* Tues. Oct. 25th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Author Vincent Hobbes
* Thurs. Oct. 27th @ 1p.m. et --- Brandy "Brandywine" Rankins
* Fri. Oct. 28th @ 6:30p.m. et --- Patricia Tanaka

CONVERSATIONS LIVE (Primetime) --- Streaming live at
* Mon. Oct. 3rd @ 8p.m. et --- Life Coach Vicy Wilkinson and Actor Sean Hampton
* Tues. Oct. 4th @ 8p.m. et --- Authors Tim Ackerman and Pervis Taylor III
* Wed. Oct. 5th @ 8p.m. et --- Author Sharon Tubbs
* Thurs Oct. 6th @ 8p.m. et --- Authors Bernice Layton and Jason Ottley
* Sun. Oct. 9th @ 6p.m. et --- Bruno Serato and Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
* Mon. Oct. 10th @ 8p.m. et --- Recording Artist Black Stax
* Tues. Oct. 11th @ 8p.m. et --- Author L. S. Childers Nancy Butler
* Wed. Oct. 12th @ 8p.m. et --- Author Ross Goldstein
* Wed. Oct. 13th @ 8p.m. et --- Author Nicole Green and Recording Artist DaShawn Miller
* Sun. Oct. 16th @ 6p.m. et --- Don Brobst of 13 Months
* Mon. Oct. 17th @ 8p.m. et --- Author Sheryl Sorrentino
* Tues. Oct. 18th @ 8p.m. et --- Author Gigi Stetler
* Thurs. Oct. 20th @ 8p.m. et --- Recording Artist Sterling8
* Sun. Oct. 23rd @ 7p.m. et. --- Recording artist Jessica Felman and Author Kevin Benton
* Tues. Oct. 25th @ 8p.m. et --- Author Angela Hart

--- Listen live at
* Mondays at 8:45p.m. et (7:45p.m. ct/5:45p.m. pt) --- Conversations LIVE's resident chef Bruce Tretter gives a Quick and Easy Cooking Tip
* Tuesdays at 8:45p.m. et (7:45p.m. ct/5:45p.m. pt) --- Author/Poet April Mahoney announces the newest addition to the "iT List"

Missed any of the live shows? Visit afterwards to catch the podcasts! Interested in being a guest or advertising with Conversations LIVE? Contact Cyrus Webb at or 601.896.5616.