CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

CONVERSATIONS: Feeding your love of life!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Conversation w/ Hip Pop Artist Stix: Using Music To Reach The Masses

Our Conversation w/ Hip Pop Artist Stix: Using Music To Reach The Masses by Cyrus A. Webb, Conversations LIVE! Radio
At a young age, Stix is living a life that few people are able to appreciate. A Watts, California native, the 26 year old (aka Brandon Salaam-Bailey), is a Hip Pop artist that is also a founding member of the rock band, LIFE NINE. The band recently inked a production deal with Grammy nominated artist Tyrese Gibson's company, Headquarter Entertainment.

STIX new CD entitled "Late For Soundcheck”, drops August 18, 2009 and will be available worldwide digitally on iTunes,, and nationally in key stores Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart. He talks to us about his beginnings, how he is using social networks like Twitter to reach his fans and other audiences and how he handles the national attention he is getting.

Thanks for taking out some time to talk with us, Stix. I know you are busy getting ready for the big album release in just a few days, so let's talk about how you got to this point. When did you realize you had a love for music?
I knew I had love for music when my dad use to take me to the park every Sunday when I was a child and I use to watch him play the congos and saxophone , I sat there for hours! Loved it!

Who were some of your earlier musical influences?
My earlier musical influences were Biggie, Metallica, Mase, Guy, and Vanilla Ice (laughs). I'm dead serious.

You are described as a Hip Pop artist and are one of the founding members of the rock band LIFE NINE as well. This definitely shows that you are someone who is not afraid to experiment musically. Was there a fear as to how your music would be received?
Never had a fear because, I always was told that my music reaches a wide audience via black, white, Asian, Latino etc..., I listen to what they all appreciate in music and try to add a element in every song I approach.

All of us go through setbacks and challenges. What has kept you grounded and from giving up on your dream?
What kept me grounded is me living in Watts and coming from nothing. I looked at my surroundings as motivation to get out! I never wanna go back to that after I make it out, but what I am gonna do is give back to where I'm from to uplift it.

Currently you are with Tyrese's Headquarter Ent. How did the two of you meet?
Well, when I created the rock band "Life 9" we inked the deal with his company. He treats me like his lil' brother, and I am blessed to be affiliated with him.

Stix, your album is called "Late For Soundcheck". How would you describe what it was like to our readers?
Late For Soundcheck has something for everybody: rock fans, hip hop and pop fans. (The album) has lyrical content, conceptual songs, love songs, heartfelt struggle songs everything you could ask for in a album. I pray that the listeners enjoy it.

Success is determined in different ways for people. What is success for you with this album?
Success for my album is releasing it, because I know one day the masses will hear it, so simply releasing the album is a success to me.

Has the national attention you are getting put more presure on you to give your best?
No pressues. It just excites me even more to keep going. I love for the consumer to know who I am. All in all, I'm a great guy who just wants to see people happy. I am blessed to get the kind of attention I receive.

Tyrese is involved in movies, tv and other ventures. Is this something you are doing as well?
Count me in on the TV, movies, comic books, children's animation, hedge funds, construction company, parking lots, beverage brands etc... Watch me grow and expand. Ya'll heard me speak it here!

Stix, you are using social networks like Twitter to keep in touch with the world. Do you think it is a way for you to get instant feedback from your fans?
I do because sites like twitter allows you reach your friends in real time meaning instantly! I love Twitter and Facebook and Myspace etc....

What advice would you give to aspiring artists out there who are looking up to you as an example?
Put the great God 1st. Stay Persistent and consistent, and always believe then have faith in what your doing. You will achieve your goals guaranteed.

With your success of course comes responsibility. One of the things we push through our network is the importance of reading. What would you say to your fans about why they should not forget the world that is available to them through books?
You can obtain endless and infinite knowledge through books. My favorite books are The Koran, Bible, Kaballah, 48 laws of power, Art of seduction, Rich dad Poor Dad etc... That's how I get all my knowledge. I love to read, all answers in life are accessible!

Thank you for your time and much success to you, Stix. How can our readers find out more about you online? You're welcome. They can go to or follow me on Twitter at