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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chef Bruce Tretter Presents "Cajun Blackened Salmon Fillets"

Resident chef Bruce Tretter gives you another "Quick and Easy Cooking" tip, featuring Cajun Blackened Salmon Fillets.

Cajun Blackened Salmon Fillets

"This takes about a minute to prepare and 15-20 minutes to cook.

"The salmon I used the first time I made this recipe was wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. I'd done some reading lately about the tremendous health & nutrition benefits of wild caught salmon versus farm raised salmon. And though not all farm raised salmon is the same – some of those salmon are raised in real streams that are penned off, and those salmon are much healthier to eat than salmon that's been raised in large landlocked containers.  But, of course, as you'd expect the wild caught stuff is the real deal. It's much higher in protein content, has a greater Omega-3 fatty acid content, which is good fat that goes after saturated fats in your body and is just more flavorful.

"As for portions, I'd recommend about 1/3 pound of fish per person, and if you're making a dinner for 4 people, I'd round that out to 1 ½ pounds of fish."


1 ½ Pounds of Salmon fillet – with the skin on, which actually helps with cooking

Bayou Cajun Seasoning (or your favorite seasoning)

Cooking Oil (I used canola oil but olive or vegetable oil works fine)

Lemon or Lime


Frying Pan with Top


Sharp Knife

Cutting Board

1.         Put the frying pan on the stove and turn on the burner to MEDIUM.

2.         While the pan warms, shake on a very generous coat of Bayou Cajun Seasoning (or your favorite seasoning) on the flesh side of the fish.  There's no need to shake any seasoning on the skin side because the skin will come off after cooking. 

3.         After a few minutes of warming, check the frying pan for proper cooking temperature by running some tap water on your fingers and flicking the water into the pan.  The water should sizzle and evaporate quickly.

4.         Pour about a 2 inch in diameter spot of cooking oil into the warm pan, and swirl the pan to coat the surface with a thin layer of oil. You'll want the pan to be wet enough with oil that if you tip the pan, you'll get a little puddle along the edge on the low side.  Then, right away, put the fish in the pan, flesh and spice side down and cover with the pan top. 

5.         Cook until you see the fish flesh start turn opaque by looking at it from the side. Also lift the fish piece with a spatula and check to see that the spices and flesh underneath are becoming dark brown. Then turn the fish piece over skin side down, cover again with the pan top and cook until the fish flesh is opaque throughout.

6.         Serve fresh out of the pan, make sure to remove the skin and top with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime.

For easy to follow, step-by-step picture book directions, go to Click "free downloads" at the bottom of the homepage – then click "Quick & Easy Cajun Blackened Salmon Fillets" under the "Seafood" tab.  Listen to Bruce on Conversations LIVE at