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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chef Bruce Tretter's "Quick & Easy Cooking Tip": Orangeade

Chef Bruce Tretter's "Quick and Easy Cookng Tip": Orangeade or Soda

Shaken or Stirred, Orangeade or Orange Soda, As Is or Minted

Wow, I know the title's a mouthful. But, really, you can have this drink just the way you want it either shaken or stirred – I'm giving you full license to Bond – James Bond – you can choose to have that drink "shaken, not stirred" – or, you can stir it if you don't have a drink shaker. You can also have the drink either as orangeade made with water or orange soda made with sparkling soda water, and you can either have it as is or even more refreshing with a good shot of mint. Talk about freedom of choice: it's right here and it's all very easy.

To make one tall 12 ounce glass of fresh orangeade or orange soda, you'll need:

1 Lime or 1 Ounce Lime Juice

1 Orange or 2 Ounces Orange Juice

1 Tablespoon Sugar

1 Fresh Mint Sprig

Cold Water or Soda Water


Then, for equipment, you'll need:


Drink Shaker or Measuring Cup (what I mean by a drink shaker is the two piece, metal and glass device you see bartenders use to shake and quickly cool drinks – if you don't have one, no problem. You'll be fine with a measuring cup and a spoon)

Drink Strainer (if you're using a drink shaker and mint)

Tall Glass


Sharp Knife

Cutting Board

1. Cut a lime and orange in half and squeeze the juice either into a measuring cup or drink shaker glass. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar to the juice and stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Now, if you're making a minted version of this drink, rinse a fresh mint sprig with about 6-10 leaves on it under the tap and add it whole – without taking off any of the leaves – to the juice mix. Keeping the sprig whole makes it easier to remove it when you finish either shaking or stirring.

2. Now, to make things as easy to understand as possible, I'll first describe what to do if you're using a drink shaker and then describe what to do if you're using a measuring cup and a spoon.

Drink Shaker: Add 1-2 handfuls of ice to the metal piece of the drink shaker. Then add just enough water, if you're making orangeade, or soda water, if you're making orange soda to just start to float the ice – it won't take much. Then pour the juice mix from the shaker glass into the metal piece and slide the open end of the glass into the open end of the metal piece. Use both hands to keep the pieces together firmly with the metal piece always on the bottom and then give it all 10 or so brisk up and down shakes. If you're new to doing this, you might want to do the shaking over the sink in case the seal between the glass and metal pieces leaks a bit. When you're done shaking, twist the glass off the metal piece, which should always be on the bottom. Now either pour the drink and ice straight into a tall glass if you didn't use mint. Otherwise, cover the mouth of the metal piece with a drink strainer – and if you don't have a drink strainer you can use a tablespoon to hold back the ice and pour the drink into the glass. Then remove the mint sprig from the metal piece, add the ice from the metal piece to the tall glass and top off with more ice.

Measuring Cup: If you're using mint, add it to the juice in the measuring cup and then use the tablespoon to stir and rub the mint on the side of the measuring cup to release mint flavor. Then pour the juice mix into a tall glass making sure to hold back the mint piece if you're using mint. Fill the glass about 2/3's full with ice, add enough water for orangeade or soda water for orange soda to fill the glass most of the way full. Leave about an inch of free space at the top of the glass so you can stir the drink comfortably. So stir it up until the drink is evenly mixed and chilled. Then top off the glass with more ice & enjoy!

For step-by-step picture book directions, go to Click "free downloads" at the bottom of the homepage – then click either "Fresh Orangeade: Shaken or Stirred" or "Mint Twisted Fresh Orangeade" under the "Cold Drinks" tab.